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Kurešček Cup 2011 – Report (English)

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A longboard downhill race Kurešček Cup 2011, organized by Longboard Magazin and ŠD Drča was held on Kurešček, Slovenia on the 2nd and 3rd of April. There were 79 registered riders, the weather was beautiful and the track was ready and waiting for the riders.

The response of the people was amazing, even though this was the very first organized race in Slovenia. There was 79 riders from all corners of Europe, even some from distant Finland. Most of the riders had experiences from many other races around the world and  for Slovenian riders, this was their first experience racing on the proper competition. The riders list was composed of 58 longboarders, 3 women longboarders, 6 butboarders (classic luge) and the Slovenian ludge team (9 riders).

The event was not fun just for the competitors.  The spectator turnout was amazing and most of them gathered on the last corner, where many competitors bailed.  The response from the riders and the spectators was very good. The events happened in the course of two days. The first day held the freeride and qualification runs, where the qualifying times were measured with professional precise equipment and the last day held the actual race.

A big thanks goes to all of the sponspors, who truly showed support to this event. The main sponsor was a skate shop Obsešen.  Other sponsors also came through. They were: Surf Rodz (USA), Sick Boards (Netherlands), GoPro (Slovenia), Quicksilver (Slovenia), Custom boards (CZ), (Austria), Cockta (Slovenia) and Sikter (Slovenia).

For the slovenian riders, this was their first experience cometing in an actual longboard downhill race. With that in mind, they were very succsessful. Four slovenia’s riders made their way into the competition and three of them made it in to the eigth finale. Their resoults were: Matic Petrič -13. place, Jernej Podgoršek – 15. place, Jošt novak – 16. place and Slavc Bakše – 24. place.



Kurešček Cup 2011

The winners  of the downhill longboard competition are:

  1. Patrick Christian Aldinger GER
  2. Daniel Gugel GER
  3. Sebastian Hertler GER

The winners of butboard (classic luge) competition are:

  1. Robert Richter AUT
  2. Jan Profous CZE
  3. Alex LongboardAlm AUT

Fastest luge riders were:

  1. Petra Dragičevič SLO
  2. Tadej Dragičevič SLO
  3. Matic Dragičevič SLO


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